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Jan 21, 2022 | Uncategorized, WILD BEAUTY

I wrote this as a post a few years ago, but want to give a gentle reminder of this powerful message (for myself as much as anyone). From teens, to those who are older and just learning to embrace more wrinkles, it’s a can be a necessary reminder. And yes, while this is a rather small scar, to a teenage girl, those little scars can be the catalysts of future insecurities.
As a photographer, I often run into people who verge on obsession with every single flaw they have, and it isn’t just the ladies. Teenagers, older women, professional businessmen, Vogue-worthy models… we all have things that make us imperfect in our own eyes.
I 100% understand it. But the older I become, the more I grow to appreciate and love the unique little things that make me, me.
As I was beginning to show images from this senior portrait session one afternoon, one of the first images that was shown was a closeup of this gorgeous girl. And when I say gorgeous, she is the entire package.
Anyway, as normally happens, her well-meaning parent immediately asked about removing the permanent scar on her face. Before I could say a word, this crazily confident young woman announced with complete indignation and protest, “I love my scar!” She didn’t just say it, she exclaimed it, and pretty forcefully at that. Right in the middle of Starbucks.
I looked at her in surprise. She repeated herself. “I love my scar. I don’t want to take it out.”
This young woman, who was just beginning to venture out into the world, was already light years ahead of the majority of her peers, as well as people decades older.
How happy I was to find at least one person who was so confident in her own worth, that she even goes so far as to embrace her imperfections. She not only embraces them, she loves them! And here is the important thing: she meant every word.
This said, I do usually remove blemishes or temporary scars that will not be there in a month or so. Anything permanent, is not retouched unless by request. And understandably, there are times when it is necessary, such as modeling work, or pageant photography. What I want to encourage you to do though is embrace how you look at this moment in time. You will never be younger than you are today, and one day you will look back on the images you cringed over, and realize how wonderful you looked to begin with.
I want to inspire you to forgo the filters on your social media that alter your skin, or enlarge your eyes. Every single person has some wrinkles and give in their skin.
Obviously, not one thing could detract from my client’s beauty. It’s something I genuinely wish more people could see in themselves, and when looking at others. Those little imperfections are what make you uniquely, and beautifully, you.


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