Best Photographer in DeSoto County

May 12, 2023 | STUDIO NEWS, Uncategorized

It’s a rule that winners cannot announce that they won until the DeSoto’s Best magazine comes out. Since it’s running a little behind schedule this year with production, we are allowed to go ahead. And that makes this a very happy day for me!

I was certain it wouldn’t happen again, so I had a hard time believing this year that I was voted as the Best Photographer in DeSoto County for the FOURTH consecutive year! Oh and by the way, I was voted as the Best Website Design as well! I reread the email a few times to make sure I was reading it right. Then I replied to their email asking if THEY were sure!

I am more than aware that several new photographers join me in my profession every single day. I’m not the youngest anymore. I’m not the most popular. I’m not the cheapest. And I don’t do weddings!

Competition in my chosen field has gone from virtually dozens to hundreds, very possibly more. But one thing I have is determination. I’m not afraid to try and fail, and I look at my mistakes and failures as ways to improve.

I’m also genuine in staying true to myself. One thing I tell all my clients is to relax, and just be yourself, because I know that is when the magic happens and I will be able to capture their best images. And I believe it’s like that in life. I think if you want something, you usually have to work really hard for it – blood, sweat and usually tears as well. Once you have honestly done everything you can possibly do in that moment, you just have to relax and trust that what you are doing is enough, that YOU are enough.

To have the support and vote of my community, business neighbors and clients means the world to me. You’ll honestly never know.

It means I have been seen, and valued.

Thank you, for your years of support, business and encouragement. I have loved every second of this journey.

And a huge thank you to DeSoto Times-Tribune for providing an opportunity for local businesses to be seen. I think I speak for all of the local businesses when I say you are appreciated, you make a difference.

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