See below for answers to questions I am most frequently asked. If you don’t see what you are looking for or just want to talk in person, feel free to reach out to me directly.

Do I need an appointment or can I just walk into your studio?

Sessions are scheduled by appointment only. This ensures that every client has adequate time to change, relax, etc. I also shoot the majority of my clients on-location, and the studio is closed when I am not there.

when do I need to schedule an appointment, and how long will it take?

For a Portrait Session, you can schedule an appointment whenever you are ready.

I do book some sessions months out, so just keep that in mind if you have a timeframe to adhere to. Certain months are far busier than others.

You will want to pick a day where you can dedicate half the day to your session. H&MU usually takes 1.5-2 hours, and your photography session takes an additional 2 hours. All of that can vary depending upon the hairstyles you choose, the number of outfits we decide upon, the location/environment, etc.

For a Headshot Session, you will probably want to book as soon as possible, but I can usually fit in Basic Sessions on short notice. Normally, headshots are scheduled for early weekday mornings, so you can go directly to work after the session.

For corporate group headshots, I usually stagger individuals every 10 minutes (again, starting early morning). As one leaves, another one comes in. Think, revolving door!

For Real Estate sessions, you need to book ASAP. Appointments are made on a first-come basis, and with time being of the essence for your images, I would suggest booking as soon as you know you want photos taken. Note, these sessions usually take 1.5-2 hours.

For Architectural & Commercial sessions, appointments are made based upon many factors. Contact me as soon as you know your project is fully ready to be photographed, and we can discuss all the variables at that time.

do I need to know how to pose like a model?

Absolutely not.

In fact, although I know it would be extremely rare for my younger clients, I prefer that you do not have certain “go to” poses for the camera. It is my job as your photographer to guide you into the most complimentary poses for your body and style.

All I need from you is for you to relax and trust my vision. If you are worried about not being comfortable, don’t be… I will get you there naturally and painlessly. You may even, in spite of your worry, find yourself having a little fun. Or most likely, a lot!

What do i need to prepare for my session?

For a Portrait Session, we will touch base well before your session to discuss what you need to bring. It is usually just a fresh clean face, clean dry hair, and your choice of wardrobe, which I will be happy to advise you on.

Many clients text me photos of their favorite outfits, or clothing options, and we coordinate outfits from there. I also advocate bringing more clothing options that you think you will use. I promise, you can’t bring too many clothes or accessories!

For a Basic Headshot Session, you just need to arrive dressed and camera-ready, with your hair and makeup already done. You may opt to bring an additional outfit or two if you desire. Feel free to bring your shirt/dress on a hanger if you are afraid of it wrinkling in your commute.

For a Real Estate session, I can provide you with a list once you have booked the session.

For an Architectural or Commercial session, we will discuss all the details when you book your session.

DO I HAVE to use your Hair & makeup artist (H&MUA)?

You are free to use any H&MUA you want before you arrive at your session. You may also prefer to do your own. However if you have purchased the Portrait Session, please note this service is included as a complimentary gift.

I highly encourage you to make use of this free service. The reason I want you to have this, is because I want you to look your very best on camera. While your normal, everyday makeup is likely very complimentary to you, it may not be the most flattering for the light, or it may be too light or too dark to come across on camera in the best possible way.

I hand-select my licensed H&MUAs with the utmost care. They are very familiar with every skin and hair type, and know what will look best for the looks you want, whether that is a natural dewy bridal portrait, a sultry glamorous portrait, or a perfect pageant face. Trust me when I say they can do it all!

when will i be able to view my images?

For a Portrait Session, your images will be ready to view within 1-2 weeks of the session date. We will schedule a Reveal Session where you come to the studio to view your images and make your final selections.

For a Basic Headshot Session, your image(s) will be ready within 24 hours or less. If you need it sooner, please make sure to tell me before or at your session.

For Real Estate sessions, images will be delivered electronically within 48 hours from the session date and start time, if payment has been made in advance, or within 48 hours of full payment. For rush jobs (24 hours or less), contact me directly.

For Architectural & Commercial sessions, an online gallery will be available for you to view within two weeks of your session date. Please advise me at time of booking if you require a shorter timeframe.


Fine Art portrait photograph in Memphis, TN
Senior photographer in Memphis, TN and Desoto County, MS
Do you know of a good location for my session?

Engagement photographer in Memphis, TN and Desoto County, MS

Absolutely! I have scouted (and continue to scout) all over the greater Memphis area and know many unique locations, whether you are a high school senior, an engaged couple, or a personal branding client. I also know where the popular spots are. However, if you have a place that has special meaning or appeal to you, please feel free to share and we can look at including it in your session.


At this time, I do not.

do you OFFER videography?

At this time, I do not.


I no longer photograph weddings or events of any kind. The only exception to this is when I photograph daytime or early evening proposals with just the couple, or the couple and a very intimate group of family/friends.

Speaking of couples, I definitely DO love photographing engagement sessions, and also couples portraits!